How do I fulfill an order?

Once an order is created in your online store (e.g., Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento), it will be automatically sent to FlavorCloud, and the order appears in the order section of your FlavorCloud dashboard.  

You then can proceed and initiate the fulfillment of one or several orders by selecting the order(s) you would like to fulfill and picking the “Fulfill” option from the “Actions” menu at the top. 

As the order is being fulfilled, an international shipping label, customs doc (also sometimes referred to as “commercial invoice”), and a carrier tracking number are created. The international shipping label and customs doc are electronically forwarded to the carrier.  

FlavorCloud Fulfill Orders

As you scroll to the right on the order grid, you find additional information for every shipment, including shipping date, tracking status (not initiated, in progress, delivered), country of origin, country of destination, shipping and duty charges, etc. 


Another option to fulfill an order is by clicking on the order number and using the “Fulfill” button.

FlavorCloud Fulfill in Order




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