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How do I get billed by FlavorCloud?

FlavorCloud invoices you daily for any shipments that moved that day. i.e., once your shipment is initially scanned by a carrier into their system. This typically happens when the carrier picks up your shipment at your warehouse or fulfillment location. 

FlavorCloud invoices include all applicable shipping and landed costs (duties, taxes, and fees) per shipment.  Shipping and Landed costs are dynamic and can include surcharges, i.e., COVID, Fuel, Remote service area, DDP handling, and more, depending on various factors such as when the order has been processed the shipment’s final destination, the origin of the goods, etc.  

Included in the Total Shipment charge is the FlavorCloud service fee, which is a single-digit percentage of the order value.  This fee facilitates your shipment access to our global carrier rates and brokerage network.  This fee also applies when shipment returns are processed through our network. 

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