How do I schedule a package pickup? 

Express Carriers 

For express carriers in the FlavorCloud network, we offer a free pickup service with no minimum parcel requirements. 

DHL Pickups 

To schedule a pickup with DHL, follow the link and input your waybill number found on the label. 

UPS Pickups 

UPS pickups should be scheduled by completing the template below and sending it to so they can schedule the pickup for you. 

Standard Carriers 

Recurring/Scheduled Pickups 

FlavorCloud allows merchants to set up recurring or scheduled pickups for free if they meet the minimum threshold for standard and economy carriers (100 parcels or 250 lbs.). If a regular pickup needs to be added or changed, you should contact FlavorCloud.  

Ad-Hoc Pickups 

Ad-hoc pickups only apply to standard and economy carriers in FlavorCloud network. If you meet the minimum, you can request an ad-hoc pickup by contacting the FlavorCloud support team at 

 Requesting an ad-hoc shipment pickup through FlavorCloud support 

When it is possible, you should schedule pickups directly with the carrier. In almost every case, it will be faster. 

If you need help scheduling a pickup, fill out the details below and send them to 

Warehouse/Pick-up Location Business Name:
Warehouse/Pick-up Location Address:
Warehouse/Pick-up Location Contact Name:
Warehouse/Pick-up Location Contact Phone Number:
Warehouse/Pick-up Location Contact Email Address:
Warehouse Closing Time:
Specific Pick-up location: 

  • Reception
  • Front Door 
  • Back Door 
  • Loading Dock (a specific door # is best) 
  • Other 

Total # of Packages:
Total Weight of all packages (in lbs.):
Largest Package Size (LxWxH) (in inches) 

Direct Consolidation 

FlavorCloud offers a free first-mile consolidation process for all standard and economy carriers within our network when you do not meet the minimum volume requirements for pickup. We typically provide this service through UPS or FedEx.  

If your shipment doesn’t pass the threshold, you’ll need to consolidate your shipments in one or more cartons and use a carrier like UPS or DHL to deliver the consolidated shipment to the global mile carrier. UPS or DHL can also do this as part of your scheduled pickup if you have one scheduled. The global mile carrier will then route the individual shipments internationally. 

If you need to consolidate shipments, FlavorCloud’s software will help you create shipping labels for international routing and first-mile labels to ensure your shipment gets safely to the standard carrier.

You can read more about the consolidation process here. 



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