How do I create a consolidation label?

Manifesting and Consolidating Standard Shipments in FlavorCloud

For orders shipping multiple parcels via a Standard service level, you must create a consolidation shipment to transport your parcels from your warehouse to the international carrier’s nearest hub. A consolidation shipment does not need to be created for Express orders. 

UPS Ground or FedEx Ground will deliver the consolidation master carton to the international carrier. Then the individual parcels will be removed from the consolidation box, scanned by the international carrier, and sent to their destination. 

Consolidation shipments can be created manually in the FlavorCloud app or via the FlavorCloud API. The steps for manually creating a consolidation shipment are below. If you would like to know more about integrating with FlavorCloud via API, please get in touch with your account manager.

Steps to Manually Create a Consolidation in FlavorCloud

Step 1: Choose the Shipments Workflow

  1. Fulfill the orders as usual in FlavorCloud
  2. Select “Shipments” on the right pane, then select the fulfilled orders traveling to the same hub.
  3. Press the ‘Create Consolidation’ button to have the system generate the consolidated manifest.

Step 2: Select the Orders you want to Consolidate

Filter (if needed) and select the orders you want to consolidate. Note that orders must be fulfilled before they can be consolidated. 

Press the ‘Create Consolidation’ button to have the system generate the consolidated manifest.  

Step 3: Select the Consolidations Workflow

IMPORTANT: To maintain accurate tracking information and visibility of what is being sent to the Global Mile carrier, the following steps must be completed separately for each master carton being sent:

  1. Select “Consolidations” on the right pane
  2. Select the Consolidated Order
  3. Click ‘First Mile Labels’ to Print the First Mile Labels for the Order

4. Print individual labels for the shipments and label those boxes

5. Overpack individual shipments into a master consolidation

6. Create a consolidation label and manifest, and label the master carton

Step 4: Ship the Master Carton

If you already have UPS Ground or FedEx Ground coming to do your domestic pick-ups, they can take the master carton like any other package.

If you do not have a regular pick-up, you may either:

  1. Take the package to a package drop-off for the carrier.
  2. Schedule a pickup. You can consult this article on scheduling a package pickup if you would like more information.



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