Rates Quote Tool

What is the FlavorCloud Rate Quotes Tool?

The Rate Quote & Shipment Label Tool is a tool that provides a shipping rate quote and enables the creation of a shipping label for a shipment.

How do I access the tool?

You can access rate quotes under Admin > Tools > Rate Quotes in the lefthand menu.

What types of shipping rates are provided by the tool?

The tool provides shipping rate quotes for standard and express services, DDU, and DDP terms of trade.

What information is required to receive a rate quote?

Shipment and piece level information, service type, shipper and consignee address information, parcel dimensions, parcel weight, and detailed piece information like HS code, COO, qty, and value of goods are all required to receive a rate quote.

What is included in a DDP rate quote?

Field Name Included in DDU Response Included in DDP response
Pre-Conversion Optimization Shipping Y Y
Post-Conversion Optimization Shipping Y Y
Service Level Y Y
Terms of Trade Y Y
Estimated Transit Days Y Y
Duties N Y
Taxes N Y
Fees N Y
Total Landed Cost N Y

If a shipping rate doesn’t exist for the parameters provided, you will see a message that the rate doesn’t exist.

Can a label be created directly from a rate quote?

Once rate quotes are received, a “Create Shipment” button is available to create a shipping label.

What is this tool useful for?

This tool provides the ability to spot quotes for B2B or your B2C shipments. It can also generate ad-hoc shipment labels for various back-office admin needs where a customer checkout and order were not involved.






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