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What is FlavorCloud like to use?

Once integrated into your store, warehouse, or 3PL, FlavorCloud can provide customers with the best international shipping rates and optimized routes as well as manage all the customs regulations and requirements.  

What customers see at checkout
Your customers will see the shipping rate and full landed cost calculated accurately at checkout. Unless you choose otherwise (or it is not possible in the destination country) we offer DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) shipping options, so all customs duties, taxes, and fees are paid upfront, with no surprise bills later for your customer.  

Managing your FlavorCloud Account
The FlavorCloud platform has been designed to be straightforward to use, with clear account settings and tabs displaying all your orders and the relevant information. You can manage your individual orders or batches, control your settings, and customize as you wish: 

  • Set the shipping options you offer (express or standard) 
  • Print shipping labels in batches;  
  • Organize split shipments 
  • Introduce tailored offers and discounts on shipping for set periods 
  • Create a branded tracking page, no matter which carrier is used 

 Many more features are available on the FlavorCloud platform, all designed to streamline and optimize international shipping and help companies improve efficiencies and grow their global sales.  

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