2023 Holiday International Shipping Deadlines

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‘Tis the start of the season for festive cheer and global celebrations. For merchants, however, October signals the beginning of peak season. To successfully navigate Holiday 2023, FlavorCloud is here to offer some tips and share the shipping deadlines to ensure timely deliveries for your customers.

International Shipping Deliveries

Wondering about the latest dates you can ship across various service levels? Below are the official international shipping DDP deadlines, including consolidated shipments, for Christmas and New Year’s Day shipments from the USA, Canada, the UK, and Ireland. However, if past years have taught us anything, it’s to be prepared and avoid eleventh-hour scrambling. Encourage customers to purchase early and opt for expedited shipping during the holiday rush.

We recommend using DDP over DDU shipping during the holidays for quicker arrivals. DDU shipments often face longer customs clearance times and demand extra diligence in compliance. With FlavorCloud, guaranteed DDP and compliance handling ensure no surprise costs or delays.


United Kingdom



Tips for Peak Performance

Forecast Demand & Inventory

Prepare for the holiday rush by analyzing your 2022 orders and adjusting demand. Include FlavorCloud’s shipping deadlines, contact suppliers to ensure inventory fulfillment, and factor in your average return rate for smoother planning. FYI: FlavorCloud offers seamless returns too!

Fine-Tune Sales with Conversion Optimization

Explore the power of FlavorCloud’s Conversion Optimization tools to enhance sales and revenue. Adjust shipping and landed cost rates with customizable markups and discounts that align with your business objectives.

Consider offering free or discounted shipping to sweeten the deal for customers during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and through the holiday season. This proven strategy can encourage buyers to convert more. While FlavorCloud optimizes shipping prices automatically, custom flat rates through the app can further optimize conversions. Learn more about Conversion Optimization Rules here.

Transparent Communication Matters

Shipping may not be an exact science, and transparency is key. Initiate clear communication through shipping disclaimers, assuring customers you’re committed to meeting estimates. Encourage early orders for a smoother experience and communicate potential challenges such as supply chain issues, weather, and postal services.

Share your contact information and support channels upfront, and be transparent about holiday closures. This awareness can prepare customers for any unforeseen problems.

EU HS Code Reminder

Merchants shipping to the European Union must comply by providing specific and accurate HS codes and descriptions for shipments to the EU. FlavorCloud is here to assist throughout this process, aiding in navigating regulatory changes seamlessly.

Keep in mind that HS code inclusion and accuracy is a growing trend. So, ensure your products have assigned HS codes, and coordinate with your warehouse or 3PL to see timely deliveries during fulfillment.

Wrapping it Up

A proactive approach to the holiday season and effective communication and compliance measures are the keys to a smoother ride through Q4. By taking steps, you’ll meet customer expectations and position your business for success in the dynamic world of international shipping.