FlavorCloud’s Service Levels Elevates Cross-Border Logistics

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If you’re a merchant or 3PL shipping internationally, you’re no stranger to the delicate balance between delivery speed and cost. FlavorCloud allows you to ship seamlessly, handling duties, tariffs, terms of trade, customs and compliance, and much more—all through our world’s largest carrier network.

But today, we’re announcing an exciting and game-changing product update. With FlavorCloud, you can now choose from additional service levels to tailor the way you send your shipments strategically! FlavorCloud is the only cross-border platform with this capability, and this addition to our offering could be a significant competitive advantage for you.

Extended Levels Unveiled

FlavorCloud understands that you and your customers’ needs are diverse, and that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce these expanded and tailored service levels for your shipments:

Standard Economy: Budget-conscious yet reliable, this service level offers a reasonable delivery timeframe for your value-conscious customers. It’s a cost-effective solution without compromising reliability.

Standard Premium: The perfect balance between cost and speed. For those who need a little extra speed to their shipping while still being budget-conscious.

Express Economy: When time is of the essence, this service level is the winner. Swift shipping hits the sweet spot between speed and affordability.

Express Premium: This is the fastest of our service lineup, ensuring expedited delivery without any compromises. It’s not only about speed — Express Premium supports dangerous goods, B2B shipments and even comes with carrier insurance. It’s prime for international.

The Nuts and Bolts

Who has access? Any FlavorCloud customer has the potential to access our service levels, subject to approval by a FlavorCloud admin. If interested, discuss with your Customer Service Manager (CSM) or contact support@flavorcloud.com.

How to enable? Your FlavorCloud admin will enable these service levels for you. Then, you can log in and activate the services in their settings. Read more here.

Benefits of FlavorCloud’s New Service Levels? Merchants can tailor their shipping options based on their customers’ and business needs. With FlavorCloud’s expanded service levels, you could improve customer experience and benefit from efficiencies and savings.

Optimize Your Service Level Mix

If you’re unsure which service levels to offer, we have some advice to dispense. This depends on your product line and customer needs—are you dealing in delicate jewelry, high-risk medical equipment, weighty products, or perishables? There’s a FlavorCloud service level that’s best for you. You can choose to offer 1, 2, 3, or even all four service levels, depending on what’s right for you.

  • Are you selling high-value items? Express Premium is your best option, ensuring your pieces reach customers quickly and securely.
  • Does budget-friendly shipping align with your customer base? Standard Economy and Express Economy are likely the pair for you.
  • If your products are heavier, Express Premium and Express Economy will be your best option.
  • Dangerous goods? Look no further than Express Premium for the smoothest clearance process.
  • Perishables? Stick to Express to guarantee freshness.

You can tap into the benefits of a comprehensive spectrum of service levels to match your shipping demands and choose the right offering for your customers.

The FlavorCloud team is always here to help. Contact us at support@flavorcloud.com for further guidance.

More is More

There is rarely a situation where one size fits all, and FlavorCloud gets that — more options mean more flexibility and, ultimately, more control. Our new service levels aren’t only about shipping; they’re about giving you the edge in a competitive landscape. With multiple levels to choose from, you’re not just offering shipping; you’re offering a tailored experience based on data that aligns with your customers’ needs and desires.

Going Global with FlavorCloud

Whether you’re shipping trinkets or treasures, essentials, or extravagances, FlavorCloud’s new service levels are your passport to a seamless and customized shipping experience. Stand out in the market as none of our competitors offer these cross-border capabilities. You have the autonomy to handpick the services that perfectly align with your customer’s expectations and business goals. Intrigued by the possibilities of expanding your reach? Your dedicated Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and our support team at support@flavorcloud.com are at your disposal. Embrace the power of choice, boost customer satisfaction, and chart your course to shipping success with FlavorCloud.