Final Peak Preparations for Cross-Border Success with FlavorCloud

Reading Time: 2 minutes

At FlavorCloud, we want to ensure you have all the essential information to provide your customers with a seamless cross-border shipping experience this peak season. If you haven’t already, these are the items you should consider.

No Peak Surcharges

FlavorCloud continuously negotiates rates with our carrier network to provide the most competitive and sophisticated cross-border offering. This year, we are excited to report no peak surcharges with our Express or Standard carrier services. At FlavorCloud, we are continuously optimizing for better rates within our carrier network, and as volume increases, these rates will automatically be available to you through our dynamic rating. No action is required from you! You’ll always get the best rates.

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Ensure you’ve familiarized yourself with FlavorCloud’s published international shipping deadlines for Christmas and New Year’s deliveries. We strongly encourage setting the right expectations for your customers across your website, including product pages and banners. As always, FlavorCloud rates will show the estimated time in transit at checkout. We highly encourage offering expedited shipping options to your customers this peak season.

Processing Times

Did you know that with FlavorCloud, you can build your order processing time into the days in transit that are displayed with shipping rates at checkout? You can customize these processing times by service level by emailing a FlavorCloud team member. For example, if you are fulfilling express orders faster than standard or learn that your 3PL is overburdened during an explosive peak season, you can work with one of our team members to set the correct processing times for you. We encourage you to consider the conversion implications of extending the transit times displayed at checkout. Balance the importance of proper expectation setting versus offering the fastest shipping speeds in delicate work! Contact us at to discuss the right option for you.

Localized Market Specific Optimization

FlavorCloud customers can now set conversion optimization rules in the FlavorCloud app based on local currency for each market. If you already offer localized pricing on your website, we encourage you to update your conversion optimization rules to be currency-specific too.

If you are not already offering localized pricing on your website and are a Shopify customer, we recommend reviewing Shopify’s Help Center for more information on the setup required to provide this conversion-boosting shopping experience for your global customers.

New Product Launches

If you plan to release any new products during peak season, remember to have your HS codes, product weight, and country of origin configured for all products to avoid shipping disruptions. Generally, we recommend reviewing your product catalog for these three items at least once per year. You can do this on the Products page in the FlavorCloud app, where you can also classify your products at the click of a button using our bulk HS classification tool. For more information on how to use it, read our help guide.

FlavorCloud Status Page

We are excited to introduce our new status page in our continuous effort to improve customer experience and transparency. This page updates you on any system information or incidents in real-time.

Bookmark this page, and should you encounter any issues, you can check the status page to determine if it’s isolated or related to disruptions or maintenance activities.

As always, our team of cross-border shipping experts will be available five days a week to support you with your international shipping needs. Reach us at for anything you need this peak season.