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Are my international shipments insured?

FlavorCloud’s optimized international shipping has a 99% success rate for delivery across more than 200 destinations worldwide. While we do not provide insurance directly, most carriers apply default insurance on express service level shipments, usually up to a value of $100.  

1. Default Carrier Insurance Option
To use default carrier insurance, go to ‘Settings’ in FlavorCloud and choose the ‘No’ option (i.e., no additional insurance). Please note: 

  • Insurance is by select carriers, typically only Express carriers 
  • Merchants cannot pre-select carriers; we optimize the best carriers on multiple factors in real-time 
  • Maximum claim is $100 
  • Approval and claim amount is solely at the carrier’s discretion, regardless of order value/costs 
  • Claims can take upwards of 90 days to be reviewed and approved/denied 

If you select the “Yes” option, this will add an insurance fee to your shipping rate and covers:

  • The value of the order 
  • The shipping costs 
  • Duty costs 
  • FlavorCloud commission fee 
  • Applies to all orders regardless of carrier 

2. Third-Party Insurance Option
For extra peace of mind, we strongly recommend that merchants offer insurance options at checkout, e.g., through a third-party plugin such as Route (ensuring any service you offer covers the destinations you ship to). You’ll need specialist business insurance if you ship large B2B shipments (rather than consumer packages).  

Note: Whatever you ship, we always encourage merchants to have business insurance to cover all situations (e.g., loss, theft). 

Shipping Rates and Delivery Times :
It is important to note also that carriers do not guarantee delivery times and provide the best estimates at the time of checkout. Customs delays, weather delays, or factors such as COVID cannot be predicted. Shipping rates provided by FlavorCloud at checkout are official at the time of fulfillment, e.g., if there is a weight discrepancy (actual or dimensional weight) when the carrier takes the package, the rate quoted at checkout will be updated. 

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