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Where do I enter my HS codes in Shopify?

IMPORTANT: HS codes are required by customs for every product sold internationally. These codes are used for customs documentation and duty tariff calculations. Before you launch your international shipping, each product you sell through your online store should be mapped to an HS code. Questions? Contact us.

HS Codes (standardized international product codes) determine the customs and duties charged by local customs authorities. Typically, they're added when you enter new products into your online store. FlavorCloud uses this HS code to calculate shipping rates and options for your orders.  

Providing a complete and accurate description of the shipped item will make it less likely that customs will find cause to audit the package. A correct description will also make finding the right HS classification easier.

A classification that matches the product description will make it easier for your packages to clear customs. Accurate HS classifications also enable preemptive compliance with any import requirements. There is some nuance to this topic, including topics like how to handle kits/bundles.

Shopify stores
Adding the HS code is mandatory in Shopify. You can look up the appropriate HS Code in Shopify using the product description (the more descriptive you are, the better). If you need any help, the FlavorCloud team can also help. To enter the HS Code: 

  • Go to the Products section via your Shopify store's main menu. 

Shopify Product Menu

  • After product info such as weight and country of origin, you'll see HS (Harmonized System) Code. Note that you must also enter the product's weight and country of origin.

Shopify Customs Information

The first six digits of the HS code must be entered for each product into your ecommerce platform before you launch with FlavorCloud.

FlavorCloud will take the product and HS code information at checkout and identify the best carrier and the appropriate customs fees, duties, and taxes.

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